Safety saves

I fear

when you go far away

leaving me all alone to stay…

Oh dear!

Didn’t I always made it clear?

that I don’t feel safe

when you are not near…

…………………………. …………………………… ….

My brown eyes are wide open;

My breathing is loud and roaring

And my lungs are crumpled and collapsing;

I see angels hovering over my head

And dear ones loitering around my bed;

Doctor says, “His death is nearing”

Yet my soul is lingering

“Smoking is injurious to life”, I didn’t heed this warning;

Too late to regret

Before it’s too late, safeguard your health

As goes the saying, “Health is wealth”…

———- ————————————– ——–

When travelling in crowded bus became my daily routine

I carried with me this secret weapon,

“Safety Pin”.,


Multi-fractured skull bone

Concussion and confusion

Paraplegia caused by severe cerebral contusion

Now under medication and long-term rehabilitation

For I can’t walk on my own

because my helmet was not on……


This poem is based on the theme, ‘Safety’, linked to Poets United

5 thoughts on “Safety saves

  1. This seems 4 separate poems to me, though each resonates with the idea of safety, and they string together in that motif. I’m especially intrigued by the safety pin as a weapon!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Home safe, safe in your skin, safety in numbers, and safe travels, and yet despite the adages there is fear and danger. I am also intrigued by the safety pin weapon!


    1. Hi Lori,
      Only an Indian can imagine the picture of crowded bus😀 lol.
      There will be so much crowd that one can faint in suffocation, as once happened with me when I was a child.
      This safety pin is very potential weapon, irrespective of its size, it can cause instant throbbing pain for someone who misbehaves with women taking advantage of closeness in the crowd.
      😀 Well that’s always been an advice from Indian moms.


  3. Lol had to laugh about the secret weapon in the bus. You gave a clear message of how safety can be gone in and instant if we don’t take care of our health.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Each stanza makes a strong statement about safety. Well said. The motorcycle helmet stanza is especially powerful. Yikes.

      Liked by 1 person

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